SiSense is a powerful general-purpose BI solution, that is ideally suited to create any type of data analysis, in any industry.

Analytic applications built with SiSense are an excellent way to empower business users with deep insight and understanding into the factors that drive their business decisions. When business users can easily explore and drill down into relevant business data culled from numerous sources in one simple interface, their ability to optimize the processes under their control reach new heights.

While in the past, developing and using analytic applications required extensive technical skill, SiSense allows non-technical users to create and customize analytic applications using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. From advanced sorting and filtering to complex analytical queries to multi-dimensional analysis, SiSense delivers a powerful, yet easy-to-use environment with which to understand the underlying data and optimize the decision-making process.

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Analytic applications built with SiSense deliver a number of market-leading features, including:

  • Self-service, code-less data analysis - Non-technical users can easily analyze any type of data and formulate any type of business query without any coding or assistance from IT.
  • Disparate data source support - Analyze data from multiple data sources as if they were a single consolidated data set, including data from Excel, text/CSV files, any database (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc), Google Adwords and Google Analytics..
  • Visual Set Analysis - Create complex filters and segmentations using a visual workflow tool.
  • Single-click Time Analysis - Easily calculate and compare values over time.
  • Share reports via the Web browser - Interactive reports can be quickly shared with anyone, through the web browser or a smartphone. Works on any browser with no installation of plug-ins required (even flash).
  • Extensive exporting features - Easily exporting results to popular formats like Excel, PDF, text and images.
  • Lightning fast query response - Query response is measured in seconds, even when dealing with huge amounts of data or utilizing off-the-shelf hardware.
  • Centralized data management - Store and access data in a centralized manner significantly simplifying sharing of data.

See for yourself how easy it is to connect to your data sources and create cutting-edge analytic applications, with no training and no special skills. Download the free trial version of SiSense now and you can be using your own analytic application, running over your own data, in just hours!