Prism Documentation

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Prism ElastiCube Manager

ElastiCubes are super-fast data stores which are specifically designed to withstand extensive querying typically required by business intelligence applications. The ElastiCube Manager is a visual environment to structure and import multiple data sources, create relationships between data and perform ETL (Extract, transform, and load) processes to prepare data for analysis and visualization.


Prism BI Studio

BI Studio is the main tool to create visual analysis and reporting solutions using ElastiCubes and live data. BI Studio provides a user interface to easily create complex and beautiful dashboards with no knowledge of databases and share them with others.


Prism Web

Prism Web is an interactive web environment to share and interact with dashboards. The web environment is accessible using any major web browser. It provides control to manage users, dashboards and data sources.


Management and Administration

ElastiCubes are run and maintained in the Prism Server Console. Various administration functions are available to run, edit and manage ElastiCubes in the console. This section also details licensing, user management and security in Prism Server Console and Prism Web.


Video Overview of Prism

A three minute overview video on creating a dashboard.