Web marketers and analysts today need to dig deep into their data in order to truly understand the impact of marketing campaigns, content performance, and user site behavior. With Sisense business intelligence and analytics software, web marketers can easily join multiple large data sources from a company’s operational information such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Analytics and cloud applications into one central repository and build beautiful BI dashboards and reports that deliver fresh insights.

Managers of web-based businesses or agencies also use Sisense to regularly provide rich reports for clients, calculate lifetime customer value and understand the impact of individual marketing campaigns. Sisense’s complete BI solution is built for the web marketing industry because it can quickly analyze many scattered, large data sets that are normally difficult to handle due to size, format, or location. Below are some examples of where Sisense can dramatically increase the level of business intelligence. With Sisense, there is no need for external data warehouses, pre-aggregations, pre-calculations. coding or OLAP, and Sisense delivers record-breaking query speed using just standard PC hardware.

Advanced Web Analytics from Multiple, Large Data Sources

Sisense business intelligence and reporting software provides real-time, data visualization and analysis to give web-marketers a competitive advantage in the marketing industry. Non-technical business users can join multiple data sources into one centralize location, build interactive dashboards and reports, and share with the entire team in one click. Sisense offers an entirely new way to deliver actionable web marketing analytics, with greater power and flexibility than any other BI tool on the market. Sisense makes it easy to:

  • Join information from multiple data sources – site clickstream data, advertising campaigns and operational databases (e.g., application/product usage data, CRM system data, lifetime customer value)
  • Create custom reports, dashboards and interactive data visualization applications
  • Share interactive web-based dashboards with colleagues in one click
  • Discover the “unknown unknowns” lurking in your data
  • Generate daily/weekly/monthly SEO/SEM client reports with a single click

Your Competitive Advantage – Our Secret Sauce

Sisense offers an entirely new way to deliver fresh, actionable intelligence to managers in web marketing organizations. No other BI solution in the world lets non-techies take large amounts of scattered data and create BI dashboards as quickly or as easily. That’s why Sisense is called the “Robin Hood of the BI world” – we bring data justice to everyone, not just the technical experts or big companies with endless resources. Our secret sauce is the powerful technology we use to design our BI software so users don’t need to write complicated code or rely on IT , so anyone can build a dashboard from multiple large data sets, using any device. Unlike other BI vendors, Sisense is a complete BI solution and no additional or third-party software is required. See a live Sisense dashboard here.