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Discover the leading companies in the business intelligence market to guide your research and evaluation.

Are you struggling to understand the dozens of different players within the business intelligence and analytics space? With so many tools, platforms and companies out there, it’s easy to get confused. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive toolkit that will help you find the list of business intelligence (BI) software and BI dashboard software vendors that could be relevant for your use case.

It’s important to understand that BI companies provide a wide host of solutions for various stages within in the process of preparing, analyzing and visualizing data. These could include:

  • Connecting to on-premise databases and cloud sources
  • Extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) the data in preparation for analysis
  • Providing a platform to define data models and relationships
  • Ensuring fast performance when querying large datasets
  • Creating and sharing interactive KPI dashboards

When researching business analytics vendors, you need to first understand your own business needs and whether the vendor’s products will answer them. Business intelligence encompasses front-end, full-stack and single-stack solutions, each of which addresses different parts of the entire analytical value chain.

After understanding your product requirements and creating a shortlist of vendors that can satisfy them, the next step of your research would be to start asking service-oriented questions: Is the BI provider in question familiar with my use case and industry? What kind of support and customer service will I receive? Will sales and renewal processes be transparent and straightforward?

Use the resources provided here to discover the top business intelligence software vendors, as rated by leading analysts from Gartner and Dresner, and to understand the different product offerings in the market and how to evaluate software tools before committing to a purchase.

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Dresner Wisdom of Crowds Market Study

Comprehensive survey and research of leading BI tools by analyst Howard Dresner.

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Guidelines for Comparing Business Intelligence Vendors

Learn how to compare BI providers based on technology, licensing and service.

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