Data Science is everywhere. The explosive growth of the digital world requires professionals with not just strong skills, but also adaptability and a passion for staying on the forefront of technology. Data can be used simultaneously by many people, does not spoil, and new value and uses can be realized only after the numbers have been crunched.

Almost every business uses some kind of data analytics tools nowadays: local realtors are now using analytical tools to set property valuations, while UPS has been crunching numbers for years to optimize deliveries on its drivers’ routes. It may seem that all the world is on board with optimizing data use but in reality it is estimated that less than 5 percent of the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced every day is used effectively. The challenge lies in not only in educating a workforce to leverage data, but also in nurturing business processes to ensure that as data science techniques evolve your organization is first in line to reap the rewards.

To underscore the primacy of data and the ways in which its application is integral to business, has compiled the following infographic of a dozen quotes from thought leaders in the field. From advisors at the leading tech companies of our time to academics from renowned universities conducting research on the frontiers, these are the minds that speak to the future of Data Science, which is surely the future of business.

Infographic: Top Data Science Quotes

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