In the process of evolving their businesses, executives seek to enable all team members — no matter their technical skills — to use data and analytics to drive actions. As such, organizations have made significant investments in business intelligence and analytics (BI&A) software. The potential upshot of these investments is substantial: Organizations that use insights from BI&A are 23 times more likely to win new customers and six times more likely to retain them! 

Far too often, however, critical intelligence gleaned from analyzed data goes unseen and unused. BI&A platforms must evolve to fully deliver on their promise. Let’s take a look at how five common expectations stack up against the latest research and what you can do to help your workforce make smarter decisions backed up by data, not instinct.

5 reasons BI needs to evolve to suit the modern workplace

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Remember, the right analytics solution doesn’t just crunch complex data into easy-to-understand insights — it presents actionable intelligence to the right users at the right decision-making points in their workflows. This empowers them to take the right action at the right time, every time. Trying to increase analytics adoption via cultural shifts has taken us as far as it can.

Embracing analytics everywhere is key to evolving your business.

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