I had the opportunity to catch up with Merv Adrian, Research Vice President at Gartner at last week’s Hadoop Summit. Merv keynoted the event and provided some great insights on the challenges Hadoop and Big Data are now facing as maturity for the domain is increasing. Gartner has done a lot of research on Big Data and Hadoop and I’ve consolidated below a few key findings.

Merv referred to a set of striking stats that were part of a recent market survey Gartner completed. First, the “good news”: 65% of surveyed companies said that they either already have invested in big data, or have plans to in the next two years.

The less “so good news”: 31% said they have NO PLAN to initiate Big Data Investment over the next 2 years. Ouch! What is really happening?

Don’t worry: Big Data and Hadoop are doing well. The space is maturing and customers are now realizing what to use for what and when. For a more in-depth explanation of what’s happening, check out below the interview I gave to the good folks at Silicon Angle during the Hadoop Summit. Let us know what you think!

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