Amir Orad is the CEO of Sisense, a successful entrepreneur and a big data, cyber security, and financial technology thought leader, with proven success in leading and scaling businesses by orders of magnitude.
Sisense News | 4 min read

Saying Goodbye to Some of Our People. Building a Stronger Tomorrow.

These are challenging times for our families, businesses, customers, and communities. The economy as a whole is extremely unsettled. We've had to make some tough decisions that impacted people that I care deeply about.

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Digital Transformation | 4 min read

Winning with Data: A COVID-19 Relief Package for Customers

Sisense is committed to empowering everyone who's fighting the COVID-19 crisis directly and those impacted by it across countless industries.

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Sisense Products | 3 min read

Periscope Data Is now Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

Periscope Data is now Sisense for Cloud Data Teams. We're committed to empowering cloud data teams and celebrating the vital role they play in their organizations.

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Sisense News | 5 min read

Sisense & Periscope Data: A Merger Made in Data Heaven

I am incredibly proud and excited that Periscope Data is combining forces with Sisense in a merger that makes...

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