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Ayelet Arditi

Ayelet Arditi is a data scientist on the AI research team at Sisense, constantly improving the platform's data and analytics capabilities to enable users to build and consume AI applications for augmented analytics, automatic data preparation, and conversational data exploration.
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Builder Education | 6 min read

Understanding Simpson’s Paradox to Avoid Faulty Conclusions

Spotting a lurking or confounding variable can help you avoid making a decision based on faulty analysis. Read on to learn how.

Ayelet Arditi avatar image Ayelet Arditi
Analyze with Insight Miner
Tech Talk | 7 min read

Avoiding Obvious Insights Using Analyze With Insight Miner

Analyze with Insight Miner is a technology developed by Sisense that uses machine learning to identify statistically important insights in...

Ayelet Arditi avatar image Ayelet Arditi

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