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Sarah Prawl is a seasoned marketer with a passion for storytelling and content creation. She specializes in audience development, building marketing campaigns through social media, email, web, and events.

Flying High: Data-Powered Recovery in the Travel Industry

The travel industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The right insights will be vital to its recovery.

Sarah Prawl avatar image Sarah Prawl
Digitizing Your Events | Sisense
Digital Transformation | 8 min read

Going Digital: Pivoting to Virtual Events

Learn how companies are turning their in-person functions into impactful digital events.

Sarah Prawl avatar image Sarah Prawl

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Life at Sisense | 3 min read

Pivoting Your Career at Sisense to Achieve Customer Obsession

Sisense is dedicated to customer success. Meet some of our amazing change agents that are helping us achieve customer obsession.

Sarah Prawl avatar image Sarah Prawl

How Data Can Help You Manage Extreme Change

Learn how analytics can help summarize and predict how your company should evolve to survive in this challenging environment.

Sarah Prawl avatar image Sarah Prawl