Today we announce an exciting new initiative and another step forward in our quest to simplify the way business users consume, interact and engage with business data. Sisense BI Virtually Everywhere takes data out of the 2D screens in which it “lives” today – and gives it a new, physical presence, to inspire immediate data-driven action in response to changes, as they happen.

The private beta launched with two Sisense-enabled devices – a smart IoT lightbulb that integrates with Sisense to show the way your department or business is performing against a certain KPI (for example, changing to green once the sales reps hit their daily targets); and an Amazon Echo device which enables you to ask questions about your data and receive questions, all in natural language. Here’s what some of the first users are saying:

Needless to say, we will still be providing business intelligence software – we’re not moving away from data models and dashboards quite yet! But we are very excited about BI Virtually Everywhere, because this initiative fits like a glove with three of Sisense’s core mission statements: simplifying complex data, building new and innovative technology, and delivering unparalleled user experience to our customers.

We’ve got a lot more planned in the future – the possibilities that can come from combining data analytics with the Internet of Things and new innovations in VR and AR tech are mind boggling. And as usual at Sisense, we don’t develop anything for the sake of novelty –but in order to deliver better, smoother and more effective products to end users. At this point BI Virtually Everywhere is a private beta, and we’re already getting almost more requests to join than we can handle. However, for now registration is still open – so go ahead and apply!

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