At Sisense, we love Data Democracy. You might have caught us saying that “Big Data Analytics is no longer for the Fortune 1,000 but the Fortune 1,000,000”

We believe that anyone should be able to work with data quickly, at scale and without requiring a PhD in Analytics. That’s why, last week, we showed that anyone could analyze 10 Terabytes of Data in 10 Seconds and for less than $10,000 – that’s the equivalent of 20 Hadoop nodes for all you data geeks out there. For more on the story, it was covered by TechCrunch here and VentureBeat here.

This week, we are unveiling another quick video (courtesy of our friend Robert Scoble). Robert gets Big Data (he’s writing a book on the Age of Context) and he understands value when he sees it. In this video, Bruno Aziza explains how we took complex and fast-growing data to turn it into beautiful AND useful visualizations.

The “CrunchAnalytics” dashboard is FREE for anyone to use. It features 10 years’ worth of startup data and you can query it all in seconds. If you are an entrepreneur, an investor or a tech observer, you will love this dashboard.

Try it out @ today!

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