This week’s blogroll is all mental. From military intelligence to closing skills gaps in big data to ongoing improvements to Google Analytics, people from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds are realizing just how beneficial data-driven insight can be. We fully support this approach, and we’re excited to see new technologies, tools, and applications develop. And maybe, just maybe, next year’s summer blockbuster will feature a data science superhero.

Precog Launches Data Science Platform for MongoDB – Angela Guess, Dataversity

Bananas – Graphic Detail Blog, The Economist

New Technologies for Big Data – Wayne Eckerson, B-Eye Network

IBM Builds Nova Scotia IT Hub, Tackles Analytics Skills Gap Though Education – David Roe, CMS Wire

Universal Analytics: Google Slowly Solves Marketers’ Pains – Nick Robinson, B2C

What’s on your dashboard? – Troy K Schnieder, FCW

Workday Collaborative HCM, Analytics Tools In Pipeline – Michael Endler, Information Week

Military Intelligence Redefined: Big Data in the Battlefield – Chris Young, Forbes

Wikipedia’s Big Data Can Be Used to Predict Summer Box-Office Hits – Myles Tanzer, Betabeat