Our team is excited to meet all of you this week! The Big Data Innovation Summit in San Francisco is looking to be a great event with presentations from Wells Fargo, Citibank, LinkedIN, eBay, Barclays and many others.

We’ll be kicking off the event with a Big Data breakfast on April 10th (see more here). Make sure come meet at the Big Data Meetupwhere I’ll be running a Big Data Startup Clinic. In this session, we’ll uncover what’s so unique about our approach and how you can learn from our amazing growth.

Here are a few pre-requisite articles to read before the event!

-CRN named Sisense top company that came this week to win. More here.
-Wall Street Journal says “Sisense is creating something of a stir in the world of business intelligence”. More here.
-TechCrunch says “Sisense makes analytics dead simple.“ More here.

We’ll do all types of fun things throughout the event – for instance, if you find me at the event, we’ll give you a free Big Data book!