This past week, I had the honor to keynote “Big Data Date Night” in Silicon Valley, an event featuring customers and companies like Wix, Facebook, Netflix, SurveyMonkey and PayPal. 300 data geeks joined our SOLD OUT event and the event was a blast! My keynote focused on the idea of a Big Data Revolution based on three factors:

– Technology: We believe that the traditional models for in-memory have run their course. It is now time for a 3rd generation of solutions to provide an appropriate answer to the Big Data Analytics challenge. For more, read our In-Memory Guide here.

– Market: Big Data Analytics is not like Polo, it’s more like football (or soccer). Millions are playing with Big Data – and they are not the elite. If you take a look at this dashboard (powered by Sisense), you’ll be able to assess the consequence of that statement: for each large company, there are 40 others that are doing Big Data and need help.

– People: Turns out business users are ill-equipped and misinformed today. The technologies they have access to act today act as a bottleneck between them and the vast amount of data they could analyze (I hope you’ll like my “Homer Simpson” analogy). Also, the definition of a Data Scientist is still confusing to many of you. Apart from salary, there isn’t much of a difference between a business analyst and a data scientist it seems.

Big Data = MISSION IMPOSSIBLE? from Bruno Aziza