Las Vegas is great place for Data Geeks. Next week, the Sisense team will be talking Big Data at the Interop Conference. You all know how passionately we feel about Big Data and particularly Big Data Analytics. We hope we can “Bring Down the House” with Big Data and give you a House Advantage (Vegas/DataGeek humor, scroll down for related video).

Here are some themes we’ll use to support our points on Tuesday. If you are at the event, be sure to stop by or ping me @ [email protected]. If you are not present, participate online and tweet us @Sisense using hashtag #Interop!

Theme #1: Does Big Data Suck?

Check out some of the comments from our LinkedIn community: members examine the accuracy of the “3Vs” while others remind us that “Big Data” is not synonymous with “Hadoop”. The discussion is heating up and has already gathered over 50 comments. Join in and chime in here!

Theme #2: In-Memory is Not the Future, it’s the Past!

The market for In-Memory Analytics is experiencing a major disruption. You can’t afford to spend millions to analyze small amounts of data. The advances in hardware and software now make it possible to get new level of efficiencies. Remember how we showed that you could analyze 10TB for $10,000? We’ll be talking about this subject in details but the bottom line is: In-Memory is the Past. The future is what we call “In-Chip Analytics” – a revolutionary type of software approach that maximizes hardware use for data analysis. If you can’t make the event, be sure to read up on the subject here.

Theme #3: Data Scientists, Data Schmientists?

While people in the community believe a Data Scientist is a “different type of employee” all together, research shows some interesting similarities between “Data Analysts” and “Data Scientists”. Want to know more? Download our research paper on the subject here.

I hope I’ll see you there. Let’s make this event memorable and let’s make sure that “What happens in Vegas”…well…doesn’t just say in Vegas!