When the UI functionality of a BI tool does not allow users to formulate queries without knowing a programming language, business users lose their ability to independently analyze data and perform BI. In fact, if generating queries requires the technical knowledge of a coding language like SQL, which many business users do not have, the entire purpose of a having a business intelligence software is compromised as BI becomes inaccessible to the business departments–the decision-makers.

The Big No-No: Dependency on IT

While many companies try and get around this issue by asking the IT department to step in with for the technical requirements. This solution is both time and resource consuming, and worse: it doesn’t address the root of the problem. BI-without-tech-skills
Relying on the technical department for their advanced SQL skills will create a dreaded IT bottleneck and clip the wings of business users.
If the BI solution at hand does not allow business users to create queries and get accurate results without coding skills, even when generating advanced BI calculations, business users are going to have to make a big effort and rely on the availability of IT every time they have a new question. This greatly reduces the ability for users to make fact-based decisions using BI, and breaks their train of thought by discouraging free data exploration. Plus, even if IT did find the time to get involved, they will have to manually code–which leaves a window for mistakes where even the smallest error can render the results inaccurate.

Resolution: The ‘Ask Any Question’ Policy

technology-behind-BI The best resolution to resolving this BI pain is to choose a business intelligence software with technology that does not require users to write code in order to perform the desired analysis. The tool should provide the ability to create advanced filters and calculations all without coding. This implements an “ask any question” policy which encourages and ensures that business users are free to perform complex analysis and get accurate results without having to involve IT every step of the way.
Tip: Make sure that during the POC business users are able to perform advanced calculations and get accurate results–without writing even a single line of SQL.
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