Spotlight on Sisense Notebooks: A New Code-First Approach to Analytics

The new Notebooks functionality from Sisense empowers coders with new tools to uncover game-changing discoveries.

Deliver Intelligence from Ad Hoc Analysis via Your BI Platform
Unlock Complex Data | 5 min read

Deliver Intelligence from Ad Hoc Analysis via Your BI Platform

Empower your data team to effortlessly surface intelligence from ad hoc analysis via your BI tool.

Scott Castle avatar image Scott Castle
Advanced Analytics | 6 min read

Augmented Analytics: Empowering Users with Deeper Intelligence

With augmented analytics, users of all kinds can get more out of their data, regardless of their technical skills.

Inbar Shaham avatar image Inbar Shaham

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Advanced Analytics | 5 min read

Predictive Analytics: The Next Frontier of Business Intelligence

Predictive analytics are the future of your business; get a grip on this complex topic.

Carmen DeCouto avatar image Carmen DeCouto
Python and R visualizations blog featured image
Builder Education | 13 min read

Data Visualizations in Python and R

Learn to use Python and R to create visualizations and better understand your data.

Scott Castle avatar image Scott Castle
Data Will Power the Self-Driving Car Revolution
Unlock Complex Data | 10 min read

Why Data Will Power the Self-Driving Car Revolution

Dig into how companies and countries are solving one of the day’s biggest data challenges: Autonomous vehicles.

Lindsay James avatar image Lindsay James
AI Enhancements, Better Insights
Advanced Analytics | 8 min read

Artificial Intelligence, Real Enhancements, Better Insights

Meet Sisense's new Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Ashley Kramer and hear her vision for our product.

Media Partners avatar image Media Partners
Overcoming challenges in NLP
Advanced Analytics | 6 min read

Overcoming Common Challenges in Natural Language Processing

Here are some tips and tricks to overcome challenges when trying to teach computers to understand natural language text data.

Scott Castle avatar image Scott Castle
Advanced Analytics | 10 min read

Natural Language Processing Best Practices in Python and R

Text data keeps expanding. Humans can't process it all, but machine learning algorithms can help! Learn how to use them in this article.

Nidhi Bansal avatar image Nidhi Bansal
Unlock Complex Data | 9 min read

R vs Python: What’s the Best Language for Natural Language Processing?

Both R and Python are extremely useful for an array of data science applications, including Natural Language Processing (NLP). Read on to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Nidhi Bansal avatar image Nidhi Bansal
Naive Bayes Sentiment Analysis
Advanced Analytics | 7 min read

Naive Bayes Sentiment Analysis in Python After Preparing Data Using SQL

Learn how to build a sentiment analyzer using the Naive Bayes algorithm, a popular algorithm for sentiment analysis problems.

Govind Rajagopalan avatar image Govind Rajagopalan
Manufacturing Data
Advanced Analytics | 7 min read

How Can Manufacturing Data Help Your Organization?

Manufacturing constantly seeks ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and unlock productivity and profitability. Data is a critical tool for identifying where and how that can be done in any manufacturing process.

Adam Murray avatar image Adam Murray
Advanced Analytics | 4 min read

Deriving Value from Data Lakes with AI

Artificial Intelligence is the only way to derive value from large datasets. Is your company ready for the coming AI apocalypse?

Inna Tokarev Sela avatar image Inna Tokarev Sela
Advanced Analytics | 5 min read

How Skullcandy Uses Predictive and Sentiment Analysis to Understand Customers

Skullcandy’s journey with advanced analytics started with our product development team daring to ask three big questions:

Mark Hopkins avatar image Mark Hopkins