Every year, Gartner polls thousands of CIOs to understand their top projects for the upcoming year. This year, Gartner’s report included responses from 2,053 CIOs across 36 industries in 41 countries, representing $230B in IT budget.

A few things particularly “popped” in their report this morning for me:

  1. Companies have a poor track record in achieving their potential: according to Gartner, enterprises realize on average only 43 percent of technology’s business potential. That’s a shame.
  2. The fact that technologies like Analytics and Big Data have reached “a tipping point with business executives”.

Further, when I look beyond this year’s data and compare it to the same reports Gartner released over the last few years (see slideshare below), I noticed that:

  1. Analytics is #1 this year again, 2 years in a row.
  2. Analytics shows up both as an IT and a business priority for the first time since 2010.

I’m sure you’ll read many analyses over the last few days about this data, but my interpretation is that 2013 is the year the Business is taking matters into their own hands.

If you look at the slideshare below (Gartner’s CIO priorities since 2009), you’ll notice that, for the last two years, the Business has “gone dark” on its stated intention of increasing the use of Analytics. Could it be that that the Business has had disappointed with the options, approaches and solutions that the market presented to them.

I believe so. If this is true, this is a warning sign for the industry. In 2010, the Business’s intentions for Data Analytics were higher than IT’s. IT compensated in 2011 and 2012. The Business seem to have let it go then, but it’s not working…so they are back.

The Business is taking matters in its hands now and will likely turn to new approaches. I doubt that they will have the patience they once had.

Luckily Sisense is here to help!

Gartner Predictions for Big Data from Bruno Aziza