Game of Thrones is a buzz magnet that regularly ignites enormous online debates, blogs and social media action (think ‘Red Wedding’). In fact, Game of Thrones episode ratings have started to ranks as HBO’s most watched show since the 2007 series finale of The Sopranos. And we all know being second to Tony Soprano is pretty legendary (which begs the more existential question, is GOT really The Sopranos with swords?).

Putting a Number on GOT

Looking at our Sisense GOT dashboard born out the general love-bordering-obsession of Sisense employees, you can see Game of Thrones statistics and numbers broken down. Season 4 premiere had a whopping 6.6 million viewers during its 9 p.m. broadcast, which was up 2.2 from last year’s then-record 4.4 million premieres. Though these numbers don’t account for the real viewership as it’s difficult to pinpoint the number of illegal downloads, GOT is reported as the most pirated show for the past 2 years–and may be on track to the most pirated show of all time (especially if HBOGo crashes again, ehem).

GOT Stats Viewers By Episodes

Where GOT Is Most Popular

As ratings continue to grow, you can literally see how GOT is transforming the pop-culture landscape. Though we can’t measure the exact amount of sex and blood, we can measure the deaths in each episode and see the trends after crazy slash shocking episodes. For example, the show saw a 20 percent increase in viewership in season 3 which was mainly attributed to the firestorm of social media reactions surrounding the epic Red Wedding.

A Cheat Sheet to Getting the Names Right

Game of Thrones Ratings Heatmap

Using this dashboard as your guide, you’ll never forget who died, what house they came from, or botch the names of characters by replacing them with the “hot, crazy dude with the scary scar on his face” (um…there are 8 of those). Also, by seeing which country and state has the highest viewership (hint: USA is NOT number one), you’ll know where to go to find meaningful relationships. Here’s the Game of Thrones Dashboard–drill down, filter, and have fun! Let us know about any interesting insights you find…

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