For many of our customers, July 4th was a time to reflect on America’s history and celebrate this great nation’s independence. As many of you know, one of the major causes of the American Revolution was what was called: “Taxation without representation.” In short, many in the colonies believed that, as they were not directly represented in the British Parliament, any laws it passed taxing the colonists should not apply. Many Business Analytics users feel a similar frustration. Many of them have been suffering the consequences of poor choices for decades and the best way to see that the current approaches don’t work is certainly explained by the abysmal adoption rates our industry has seen to date. If you think your Data Nation has been “taxed without representation” – it’s time for a change. And Sisense is here to help. Don’t wait, start now! We will be talking about this revolution online and in-person at many events…and next week is a great week to start. Here are a few events below. Mark your calendar – many are FREE to attend! Tuesday, July 9th: Making Sense of Merging Data (Online event, sponsored by Oracle) Join Bruno Aziza, Sisense’s VP Marketing, as we explore options to help you get started integrating social, unstructured, and legacy data to create efficiencies and opportunities that drive business growth. Wednesday, July 10th: Geekwire Game Night (In-person, sponsored by Geekwire) Join team GeekWire for their 2nd annual Game Night at Seattle’s Spitfire bar. Register here. Contact us if you’d like to set up time with the Sisense team . Friday, July 12th: The Secrets of Fast Growing Start-Ups (In-person, hosted by Extended Results) Join Splunk and Sisense for a “Power Hour” on Startup Success Lessons. Get a technical perspective from Splunk and a marketing perspective from Sisense. Event is FREE. Register here. Sunday, July 14th: Global Big Data Conference (In-person, hosted in Santa Clara) Join Sisense at the Global Big Data Conference Bootcamp. This two day program will teach you everything you need to succeed in Big Data. Move beyond the hype and get real! Sign-up by Monday with Code = SRINETWORK and get a $100 discount. Register here.