Do you hear the pitter patter of champagne corks popping? That’s because we just got another piece of incredible news. The G2 Crowd Business Intelligence Platforms Product Comparison is out… and (to put it mildly), we smashed it. It’s been an all-round spectacular 12 months for us. Thanks to our amazing team, we’ve grown at breakneck speed over the past year, had the pleasure of working with many fantastic clients and, to top it off, were featured as a “visionary” on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the Gartner Magic Quadrant is kind of like our version of the Oscars. It’s hugely prestigious, it’s decided by the great and powerful of the industry, and getting a mention can determine your future success. Only a handful of BI companies in the world make it onto the quadrant, so having Gartner name us as a visionary was kind of a big deal. Since then, we’ve generated more and more buzz in the sector, partnered with bigger and bigger clients, and worked hard on the R&D front to make sure Sisense stays on the cutting edge for years to come. But if Gartner is like the Oscar committee, the G2 Crowd Competitor report is more like the X Factor. That’s because, rather than a mysterious cabal of industry insiders deliberating quietly behind closed doors, G2 Crowd gets its feedback from YOU – the clients and customers that use the product. This means that, when we’re voted best in a category in the G2 Crowd Competitor Report, we know that it’s genuinely our customers who are vouching for us. That the people who know our product best and rely on it most feel that it tops the charts for them. … And that makes us feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside, to be honest. But enough with the acceptance-speech making already. Let’s take a moment to break down what the G2 Crowd report actually says about us.
“Sisense allows data to be accessible in a way that everyone can see it, understand it, and filter it independently. That was the probably the biggest win for us.” -Brent Allen, Skullcandy
We came out top in 26 of 28 categories, covering everything from the quality of our analysis, to the design of our dashboards, to what we’re like to work with. Those categories are: ease of doing business with us, quality of support, how well we meet requirements, ease of admin, whether the product is headed in the right direction, ease of setup, graphs and charts, dashboards, scorecards, steps to answer, reports interface, collaboration/workflow, data discovery, search, automodeling, data column filtering, calculated fields, data visualization, big data services, integration APIs, WYSIWYG report design, data transformation, data modelling, customization, internalization, and user, role and access management. We’re especially excited about the 95% satisfaction score for our quality of support. As a company who wakes up in the morning and goes to bed at night thinking of how we can better support our customers, we’re ecstatic that our customers feel how much we care.
“I love that Sisense has a very close relationship with its customers–something that is not easy to find.” -Doron Gill, Fairfly
We were totally blown away by this show of support, and all we can say is: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. We’re so happy and so humbled that you guys think we’re doing such a great job – and rest assured, we won’t get complacent now. We plan to keep developing and innovating to hold our place at the head of the pack, and to better serve you, our customers, all the time. … I think we can all raise our glasses to that. Click here to read the full G2 Crowd Compatibility Report.
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