There has been NO shortage of predictions, recaps and top 10 for the year 2012 in the world of Big Data.

If I may, however, point to “the elephant in the room” – it seems that many of us have forgotten that, without Analytics, data never truly accomplishes its full potential.

But, when looking around for market forecasts of the specific segment “Big Data Analytics” – very few companies have been able to pinpoint to its true anticipated market potential. A shame, in my opinion because “Analytics is the Killer App” of Big Data.

Even, which does a really good job at this type of forecast, doesn’t have a piece on “Big Data Analytics Market Sizing”.

So, here is my attempt in trying to quantify the Big Data Analytics Market in 3 steps:

  1. Take Gartner’s data: “Big Data will drive $232B in Spending in 2016″.
  2. Everybody agrees that 25% of that number is software, so that makes the market $58B by 2016.
  3. Yet, the whole $58B number can’t be attributed to Analytics. However, if you take it as a high bar and compare it now it to the IDC Market Size for Business Analytics – $50.7B by 2016, you’re pretty close.

So, the Big Data Analytics Market could be in the $50-$55B range by 2016.

What do you think?