In preparation for launching our BI Virtually Everywhere program, we ran a quick survey (comprised mostly of participants from within our user base) aiming to understand how various business professionals interact with their KPIs, as well as how they would like to consume data in the future. The results are summarized in this infographic:

Infographic: The Relationship Between Business Professionals and KPIs

As you can see, out of the hundreds of respondents, nearly half (48%) reported checking their KPIs daily, with 17% reporting checking them hourly. Since the majority reported visual triggers being the most effective alerting method, it’s no surprise that color coding was also popular among respondents. It was also interesting to see that while theoretically one might expect to see many different KPIs, professionals in similar roles tended to look at the same metrics across companies and industries. As for the future, many respondents were excited about the possibility of communicating with their data systems via voice activation or Siri-like virtual assistants, while team collaboration tools were also popular.

We believe BI Virtually Everywhere addresses both the present and future of data consumption – with ambient smart lights giving business KPIs a real-life representation, and Amazon Echo devices enabling business users to communicate with data using voice commands. By the way – you can still apply to join the beta.

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