In today’s world, data analytics is all about speed. It’s not enough to get answers fast. It’s not even enough to get answers immediately: In the time it took you to ask the question, your competitors have probably already reached some game-changing insights that will leave you in the dust.

But not anymore: Sisense is now so fast it performs Reverse Analytics, answering your questions before you even think of them. This is definitely the next step in business intelligence technology: With the incomprehensible amounts of data businesses produce nowadays, it simply takes too long to find answers. That’s why you need to stop looking for answers, and start looking for the questions.

With Reverse Analytics™, we’ve finally broken the last barrier in performance — namely, the human factor. Using super-fast In-Chip technology, Sisense now predicts exactly what you might have wanted to ask and answers it right away, without wasting precious time waiting for you to figure it out for yourself.

We’re redefining the term ‘competitive advantage’ by providing you with insights that are so up to date you’ll have no idea where they came from.

Actual Testimonial

Reverse Analytics

“It’s amazing,” says Michael Goldman, chief data officer at iBogus, “I came to work last morning, opened Sisense, and all the answers were already there. For example, there was a big “+73%” right there on the screen where the pivot table used to be. It took us the entire day to figure out what this meant, but when we did it made perfect sense. Incredible!”

How it Works

To activate Reverse Analytics™, you simply type your password backwards when logging in to Sisense. Instead of opening your usual business intelligence dashboard so you can explore and query your data, the platform will skip straight to the answers, e.g.: “Increase R&D funding”, “Buy more lawnmowers”, or “Fire Larry”. No need to waste precious time finding out the problems: skip straight to the solution instead.

Where do I sign up?

Sisense Reverse Analytics will be available to download from April 1st, 2015 and for an undisclosed period of time. To get started, simply contact [email protected]. See you on the other side!

April Fools!

Okay, so this post was obviously an April Fools’ prank. But we DO have a new release coming up, with a lot of exciting new features (sadly these do not include Reverse Analytics). Subscribe to our blog to stay posted!