Since the day it was founded, Sisense has always focused on the powerful technology at the foundation of our product. That’s because we understand that the world does not need another database to administer, nor does it need another data visualization tool to create pretty charts of simple datasets.

With the myriad of technologies and tools out there, the #1 problem with BI today is business adoption as tools are either too complicated for business users to use, or the core technology of the BI product is not built to scale to a large number of users, dashboards, or queries without getting sluggish and compromising the user experience–a carnal sin in today’s world of user-friendly technology that runs at the speed of thought.


Encouraging Mass Adoption & Frequency of Use

Because Sisense has always understood this industry challenge, our new release Sisense 5 is made to enable and encourage adoption by non-technical users:

Sisense 5 is built with a new front-end that has responsive design and enhanced data visualizations to ensure your dashboard design always come out super polished and beautiful – even for non-technical users. It also includes a brand new, fully web-based dashboard environment and seamless mobile accessibility from every device.

We want to ensure everyone in your company is using business intelligence, and create a work environment where your BI tool is so fast, easy, and accessible, more people are running more queries than ever before; a world where smart, data-driven decisions are bursting out of every department and board meeting.

In this way, Sisense 5 will transform your company as it offers the best of both worlds: a back-end that’s scalable to terabytes of granular data and thousands of users, and a redesigned front-end that flaunts intuitive, beautiful data visualizations and supports a smooth user experience from any device–desktop, tablet, and smartphones.

When Mobile Is Seamless, Everyone Jumps On Board

Mobile Business intelligence

In a world where people’s mobile devices are an extension of their office and deeply involved in their thought processing, we also created Sisense 5 to run seamlessly any mobile device, and we’re being called the first analytics solution that truly enables non-technical users to analyze terabytes of data from any mobile device.

With a back-end that scales to terabytes of data, as well as a completely upgraded front-end with responsive design and enhanced data visualizations, Sisense 5 overcomes the traditional limitations of mobile BI.

Why BI Adoption Is So Hard

While organizations today generally understand the value of business intelligence and the importance of making decisions based on facts (not a hunch), after speaking to many leading organizations who are still struggling to get employees to actually use BI, we have pinpointed the top BI adoption challenges: business intelligence tools lack the ease of use, functionality, and most importantly the ability to give users the freedom of choice in how to use it.

Users want to engage with BI and analytics periodically across the day, when they have 5 minutes to spare, to quickly pursue an idea sparked by an interesting discussion in the middle of a meeting, or when they have a couple of hours to do deep analysis. But many BI tools today do not allow that type of agility.

Since the technologies prevalent in BI today (including In-Memory, OLAP and distributed databases) are 15-30 years old, it has become clear that increased adoption won’t come from these technologies which are either too complicated to scale or too expensive to own.

Sisense 5 in a Nutshell

Back in 2013, we dedicated all of our energy towards solving the infrastructural challenges that were hindering adoption. We unveiled two ground-breaking technologies the likes of which had never been seen in the Business Intelligence and Analytics space:

Crowd Speed
  1. In-Chip Technology that processes 100x more data 10x faster than in-memory solutions–running extremely fast queries over huge amounts of data (i.e. higher quality analytics).
  2. Crowd-Accelerated BI Technology which makes it possible to maintain and even increase overall query performance, even as many simultaneous users are using Sisense.

But technology alone is not enough, so in parallel with introducing In-Chip and Crowd-Accelerated technologies, our R&D team has been working vigorously on our new release that weaves the back-end power into the forefront of the end user experience.

Since business intelligence is all about the business user, the focus is on providing an environment that non-technical users can and want to navigate, without having to rely on IT or other experts throughout the process. This product is Sisense 5, and we are excited to announce its general availability.

Sisense 5 New Features

Brand new, fully web-based dashboard environment

  • Rich data visualization and analysis right in your browser- no plugins or installations required
  • Built on top of the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Node.js) for a lighting speed experience
  • Single-click sharing across the entire organization
  • Create dashboards and perform deep analysis using a slick and intuitive web-based interface

Built so your dashboards always come out beautiful

  • New layout engine guarantees clean and polished dashboards out-of-the-box – even for non-technical users
  • Responsive design
  • Choose from a wide range of data visualization widgets

Gone mobile – bring your own device

  • Access and interact with BI seamlessly on-the-go, from any device
  • Responsive dashboards automatically adjust to screen size for optimal viewing (Smartphone, Tablet)

Powerful analysis brought up a notch

  • Drill down and cross-drill from any field to any field in your data
  • Formulate complex queries without code or SQL
  • Statistical functions like Median, Percentile, Standard Deviation etc.

Advanced email reporting

  • Receive and view dashboards directly in your inbox
  • Schedule email notifications when data is updated or in a specific timeframe
  • One click from email takes you to the dashboard’s interactive version

Watch the Sisense 5 webinar on-demand to get a in-depth look at the new UI, features and capabilities!

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