During this holiday, I thought I’d spend some time to merge my Twitter, Facebook and G+ data into a nice Sisense Interactive World Map.

One of Sisense Data Scientists, Evan Castle, put up some directions on how to get started with Facebook metrics here and one of our Javascript ninjas, Boaz Farkash shared a great way to extend Sisense with Javascript to create an interactive world map.

The results of using these two guys’ tips were so stunning that I almost forgot to check the status of my archive requests with Facebook and Twitter! [still waiting for it though]

Instead, I quickly mashed up Facebook population data (courtesy of Socialbakers) and slapped it on a map. Found a few interesting insights, such as:

  1. Qatar’s surprising addiction to Facebook – 82% of Qataris have a Facebook account apparently
  2. Facebook is “no-where” in China. Well, kind of. 600k users but still less than 1% of its population…
  3. Facebook’s smallest country? The Vatican. With 20 users!

I know the Pope’s on Twitter – is he on Facebook too? I’d love to friend him if that’s the case! 😉 A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if the picture is highly interactive and high visual!

Want to try this on your data? As Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Play with the live data below (Yes! You can embed our maps in any public site!)
  2. Download Sisense Trial for FREE here and start mashing up your data
  3. Watch this 2 min video tutorial here and see how easy it is to get started!