This is my first visit to Strata NYC, and although I’ve seen my fair share of tech conferences, each event tends to have its own personality. Even though it’s barely been 24 hours since the conference kicked off with Big Data Camp and IgniteNYC, I feel like I’ve already learned quite a bit. Here’s a few tidbits of what the Sisense team has run into so far:

  • Bruno gave a lightning presentation at Big Data Camp (only about 300 slides, which is a marked improvement for him) during which he threw miniature hotel shampoo bottles into the audience. It was a big hit.
  • The team from the NYC Parks department had a fascinating project in full swing during DataKind’s Data Sprint; combing through records of pruning and emergency care for the roughly 800,000 trees growing in the five boroughs. The ultimate goal is to use information on regular maintenance and care to reduce accidental damage to property caused by falling tree limbs. Does more frequent pruning keep trees healthier and less likely to drop branches? I’m eager to hear more.
  • Data geeks are everywhere here, and it’s the only topic on everyone’s minds. I’ve had conversations about big data over beer, over breakfast, and while grabbing coffee during session breaks. After all the pomp and circumstance of Dreamforce, it’s kind of nice to talk about technology with people who are passionate developers of technology.