Who has time these days to truly research and keep up-to-date on a topic of interest? Every week, there are scores of articles, blogs, press releases and more about business intelligence, data management, dashboard software, and big data analytics–just to to name a few keywords for the general topic of business intelligence. You can try to skim all the articles for keywords and a general tone, but it can be very time-consuming to get the bottom of what the news is really telling you about business intelligence. Unless, that is, you crunch all that data using Sisense.

Considering our reality, we broke it down for all you avid BI followers by searching for the word ‘business intelligence’ in Google News, and analyzing the first 5 pages and 30 keywords (count) using Sisense. The insights are great, and reading this blog is a lot quicker than skimming 50 articles. Here are some of our findings:

google searches news

For more focused insights, we broke down the general list into keyword families:

  • Most occurring industry
  • Top industries
  • Top descriptive keywords
  • Top features

Insight 1 – Most Occurring Industry

The most occurring industries in business intelligence is the airline industry. Possibly, this could have to do with the unfortunate event of the missing Malaysian Airline MH370, or it could simply be a budding industry in the world of business intelligence data visualization.

google searches news

Insight 2 – Top Industries

The top industries in business intelligence are: finance, healthcare, and retail.

leading industries google searches

Insight 3- Top Descriptive Keywords

The top descriptive keywords used when describing business intelligence are: automation, collective (we define it more clearly as: collaboration), and ease of use. This insight is specifically useful for people evaluating or searching for a good business intelligence software, as these top descriptions can be used as an up-to-date checklist for the software characteristics most emphasized today.

Business Intelligence Top Keywords

Insight 4 – Top Features

The top features are: detection, alerting, and security. Again, for individuals who are interested in purchasing a business intelligence tool, this is a powerful shortlist of important features that people are talking about most recently.

BI Top Searches Features
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