I was presenting at the Silicon Valley Influencer Series a few months ago when I met some folks from Google who educated me further on the push the company is driving with Cloud SQL. Cloud SQL is way to manage MySQL databases into Google Cloud. It’s way cool – you can check it out here.

To be fair, I’ve always looked at Google as the great and silent Big Data Company. Beyond the fact that Google has a great view on what people search for, the company has built great Big Data assets and has made them available to the general public. A few of these projects include BigTable – the company’s high performance data storage system and Big Query – a service that allows developers to load data into Google and use the company’s massively scalable infrastructure to analyze large datasets.

You can then imagine my surprise, when I watched Sergey Brin at the TED Conference “forget” to draw the connection between Google Glass and the company’s Big Data potential. You can see the presentation embedded below.

In my humble opinion, the long term vision of Glass is NOT to replace the phone experience. It is to connect people with Big Data compute so our lives can be enriched. What do you think?

PS: Many of us, Data Geeks, might love and understand the purpose of Google Glass. But for the general public, the message is somewhat lost.

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