Happy Pi Day everyone!

As I’m sure many of you know, Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant π (Pi). Pi is known as an “irrational number”, meaning it can’t be expressed exactly as a ratio of two integers. Now, Pi might be irrational but you don’t have to be. If you are an entrepreneur, an investor or a tech observer, you’re going to love the research the Big Data Group released this morning using our application at www.crunchbase.sisense.com Putting this application together was done in a breeze using Sisense Prism. Every query is optimized and the solution allows anyone to navigate the constantly growing datasets (10 years, over 100,000 companies). If you’d like to do the same with your own data, download our free trial here The NextWeb, Inc. Magazine, Forbes and Silicon Valley Journal have already shared the analysis with the community.

Key Findings include:

  1. Less is More: Fewer startups received funding in 2012 but the ones who did, raised 22% more capital on average.
  2. “Series A crunch” doubtful: There were more Series A deals done in 2012 and they closed on average 2 months faster in 2012 than in 2011.
  3. “Series B crunch” possible: There were fewer Series B deals done in 2012 and they took on average 45 days more to close in 2012 than in 2011.
  4. Enterprise deals are back: Enterprise deals increased in 2012 and gathered on average 40% more capital in 2012 than in 2011.
  5. Web deals are cooling off: Web deal volume dropped in 2012 and the average amount raised per company shrunk by close to 45% in 2012.

We hope this data can participate in making you all more successful!

Analytically Yours,

The Sisense Team