There’s a candid street definition of ‘brand’ that I have always tried to keep in my thoughts as a marketing professional: Your brand is what other people say about you behind your back.

This tongue-in-cheek statement proves to be fairly on target when it comes to branding because it rightfully implies that companies can’t fake it with a carefully designed marcom spin they expect customers to regurgitate. It’s about how customers genuinely feel when they experience your brand, which is ultimately reflected by what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

It’s Liberating to Tell the Truth

As we approached rebranding Sisense, we incorporated the idea that the best brands must rely on being authentic.

This left us with two challenges: to listen to what customers genuinely think is the value Sisense provides, and then to rebrand authentically to reflect what our brand delivers.

Is That What She Said?

Sisense participated in a dozen conferences this past year, which allowed us to gain a real grasp on, well, what people are saying behind our back. To summarize the name-calling: people generally feel as if Sisense is the most suitable tool for the BI professional. The data wizards, gurus, experts, enthusiasts, and of course, data scientists all appreciated Sisense’s technology on a deep level and felt like Sisense was the only BI tool that gave them the capabilities they so yearn for in a data analytics tool.

Sisense Logo

Sisense, The BI Professional Tool

So, who is a BI professional? It’s the people who love and believe in data, and want a solution that allows them to do some serious data analysis on big and scattered data–without compromising on simplicity and good-looking dashboards. Sisense hits their sweet spot because we provide them with a powerful back-end that enables high-volume and complex data analysis in a DIY-style so they can really own a BI project. Plus, Sisense’s UI is up-to-snuff with the most modern and gorgeous visualizations.

Many of our customers are data wizards–those responsible for producing BI and want to be able to easily operate the back-end. This makes Sisense’s technology, with its ability to handle complex data in an out-of-the-box product, the defining feature in our brand–and we developed our colors and logo accordingly:

Power Tools: Yellow and Black

Sisense is the professional tool for the BI world–the Caterpillar of machinery, the Nikon of photography. Heck, we’re the Batman of the superheroes. While unveiling a new brand identity, the colors we chose are yellow on black–representative of the heavy-duty power tools.

After all, we are the brand that gives data wizards the most professional tool to work with so they can do the most heavy-duty data work with the most ease.

Stand-Out Triangles: Logo Development

Sisense Logo Small Circles are known to be the “lazy” design–since it’s technically impossible to create a circle that is a unique shape. The BI world often feels this way: that there’s nothing new under the sun. But, Sisense technology is groundbreaking in the BI market–we offer something different and wanted a unique shape to represent how we do BI differently.

Protecting the DNA of our original concept that our technology is best represented by the shape of a prism, as it offers many different perspectives in one view, we just took on a more sharp angle, literally. The Sisense logo is more sophisticated and strong, while maintaining our tradition of prism triangles.

Our Authentically Awesome Self

You see us in a new light, but we also see you in a new one: as the professionals you are. Ultimately a great brand is never the result of a color or logo, which are more like a promise that must be kept by the product the brand represents. It’s the Sisense experience that will shape what you think of us, and our brand is there just to remind you when you’re talking behind our back.