In a live workshop led by Co-Founder and CTO Eldad Farkash learn how Sisense In-Chip technology delivers the ability for businesses to be agile with big data analytics

We’re super excited to head to DataWeek 2014 in just one week, and join thousands of engineers, executives and data geeks at the largest data and API event in San Francisco for the third year running! The event focuses on innovation of business, technology, and society, and the theme of DataWeek 2014 is Data Skills.

DataWeek’s mission is to expose a larger audience of entrepreneurs and executives to data skills like R and Data Science, Data Visualization, implementing NoSQL or Graph Databases, API Design, API Strategy, and Data-Driven marketing. Which is why Sisense Co-Founder and CTO, Eldad Farkash, is speaking about the power of agile BI and our award-winning In-Chip technology in a special Sisense workshop: Agile Big Data Analytics Demystified with Sisense In-Chip Technology. You won’t want to miss it, so make sure you join us Tuesday, September 16th!

When & Where: September 16-17 at Kabuki Hotel, San Francisco, CA

What: Special Sisense Workshop – Agile Big Data Analytics Demystified with Sisense In-Chip Technology

Sisense In-Chip Analytics enables you to access unstructured and structured data 10x faster than in-memory solutions, so you can tackle complex analytical computations at record-breaking speed. But it doesn’t end there.

Sisense In-Chip Analytics now delivers the ability for businesses to be agile with big data analytics: By allowing for incremental gains from big data, Sisense let’s companies quickly adapt to changing and new business requirements and grants everyone the ability to independently access data, run queries, and get results in an actionable time-frame.

When companies use powerful In-Chip Technology for their data analytics, they can comfortably crunch terabytes of data, join many data sources, and support hundreds of users–all without compromising performance. In this workshop, learn how to:

  • Tackle new business requirements easily and quickly using agile data analytics
  • Perform self-service data discovery
  • Use Sisense to process big data at record-breaking speed
  • Run iterative and interactive analytics scenarios

Who: Eldad Farkash, Sisense Co-Founder & CTO

Eldad Farkash started his career in Business Intelligence while developing at age 16 at Gilon Systems, Israel’s largest Database Integrator. While working early on MDX compilers, Eldad envisioned a future where columnar in-memory database would become pervasive. This thinking is at the genesis of Sisense’s unique technology.

Eldad and his team of Data Scientists, Hardware and Software engineers focus on Sisense’s mission: Making Business Intelligence a Reality for Everyone. Eldad dedicates his engineering depth and passion for world-class user experience (UX) to building leading edge solutions for all types of data, from On-Premises to Cloud Databases and Hadoop.

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