Sisense has always been an innovation-driven company, We’ve focused on developing groundbreaking business intelligence technology that delivers unique value to our customers, allowing them to realize the full potential of their data. But as the adage goes, “as far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.” That’s why our latest release, Sisense 5.7.5 is all about user experience, fine-tuning the interface with a host of new frontend features that make your data more accessible and your dashboards more beautiful.

Pictures speak louder than words

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Palette Selector: A One-Click Dashboard Makeover


An improperly designed dashboard is not just an eyesore; it can actually fail to convey the required information. Correct color coding makes the data presented that much more digestible and lets you jump straight into analysis and insights.

With our new Color Palette Selector you can apply an optimized color scheme to your dashboard with a single mouse click instead of breaking your head over your 50 shades of widgets.

Use case: This seemingly small feature is actually incredibly useful as it allows you to design great, visually appealing and easy to understand dashboards, even without any former knowledge of graphic design principles. Your dashboards will look better and tell a clearer, cleaner story.

Editing Custom Formulas Made Easier and Faster

We’ve overhauled the Formula Editor to provide a smoother experience for power users. Now you can edit any field within a formula via an intuitive menu that lets you select parameters, aggregations, filters and more.

Use case: if your analytic goals or KPIs change, or you simply want to see a new view of the data, you can now amend your formulas much faster and more efficiently for more agile data analysis.

Web Environment is Funner Than Ever

We’ve added loads of tweaks and fixes to the browser interface to increase ease of use and functionality, allowing our customers to make better use of the powerful analytics engine that powers it all.

The revised table widget lets you make sense of summarized analyses by getting into the full granularity of the details, with an “infinite scroll” feature that displays vast amounts of data without messing up your dashboard’s layout.


Filters can be adjusted, reordered and deactivated temporarily for customizable views of your data.

The Elasticube Manager can now be launched directly from the web.


  • Export widget to image
  • New security and permissions options
  • Bug fixes and increased stability
  • And more!

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