After some hectic weeks and a very tired development team, we’re proud to announce that Sisense version 5.7 is now officially out. Existing customers can update their version independently or contact our Success Management team.

sisense 5.7 data analytics dashboard

In addition to some major improvements to stability and functionality, this latest edition of our award-winning business intelligence software comes with two brand new connectors that present some exciting possibilities for companies that work with machine data or the MongoDB database.

Turn your machine data into an integral part of your business intelligence strategy

splunk sisense connector Splunk is one of the leading providers of operational intelligence. It allows users to track the way their servers, devices and apps are functioning, generating centralized logs a central repository for data generated by these various machines and devices.

Sisense now natively connects to this data in real time and without the need to export the data to a CSV file. Thus, queries performed within the Splunk interface can be seamlessly imported and crunched alongside all your other data.

Want to find out how that server malfunction a few nights ago affected conversion rates in your Adwords campaigns? Now you can, easily.

Fearlessly tackle Big Data stored in MongoDB with In-Chip technology

mongodb sisense gui tools MongoDB is a (relatively) new NoSQL database that focuses on providing rich functionality and fast performance to organizations of all sizes.

With the new Sisense-MongoDB reporting connector, companies that have the MongoDB database in place can now enjoy the unique benefits of using Sisense as their data analytics and dashboard reporting platform, including:

  • Querying complex MongoDB data at uncompared speeds, powered by our homegrown In-Chip Technology
  • Gain a complete view of the data stored in MongoDB and join other data sources for one centralized view of your organization
  • Build and manipulate dashboards in a user-friendly, web-based environment

And there’s more!

Nifty new visualizations such as tree map and calendar heat map, improved PDF exports, and the list goes on…

sisense 5.7 calender

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