We’re stronger when we work together. In our Partner Showcase, we highlight the amazing integrations, joint projects, and new functionalities developed with our technology partners at companies like Google and others. 

The movement of data from on-premise systems to the cloud is imperative; the cloud market is nearly $250B and is growing quickly. Ten years ago, many organizations saw storage for existing applications as the primary benefit offered by the cloud. Today, the ongoing shift to enable digitization into the cloud is seen as a primary way to modernize products and service offerings.

Today, we are living through a crisis as COVID-19 disrupts the world around us.  Many businesses are discovering that analytics are essential to help businesses survive, and we all live under a cloud of uncertainty. The changes we make today will propel future generations, so access to data, and liberating data, is increasingly important to make informed, thoughtful business decisions that are not based on gut feel, but through data that drive insight. 

In Sisense’s 2020 State of Business Intelligence and Analytics survey, 95% of those surveyed mentioned that BI and analytics are just as or more important than before the start of COVID-19. It highlights an important fact, that companies are looking towards data to deal with extreme changes, and sophisticated BI tools can guide that approach to analyze sophisticated data and deliver basic insights back to organizations.

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Focus on integration and innovation

At Sisense, we view the cloud as an important vehicle to gain access to data – and through strategic partnerships with companies like Google Cloud, we want to work to help organizations partner closely with key providers in the data ecosystem who share similar customers and work across similar industries.  With Google Cloud we are actively partnering to offer strong capabilities that many existing shared customers leverage to embed analytics into their apps and perform advanced analysis with SQL, Python, and R in one platform.  

We view Sisense as a strong partner and we value their ability to deliver upon the OEM use cases that are often crucial to better personalize and innovate consumer-facing applications.

Sudhir Hasbe, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud

“We want to work with multiple cloud and BI partners, especially those that offer innovative capabilities that deliver data and insights across organizations or downstream to customers,” says Sudhir Hasbe, Director of Product Management at Google Cloud. “We view Sisense as a strong partner and we value their ability to deliver upon the OEM use cases that are often crucial to better personalize and innovate consumer-facing applications.”

Moving data into the cloud, driving innovation 

Hasbe’s focus areas include data integration, warehousing and management, and BI and analytics platforms. One of Google Cloud’s 2020 priorities centers around migration to the cloud. He and his team view partnerships as a key way to reduce potential customer pains from migration while expanding operational and bottom-line benefits to customers. Our strong integrations with BigQuery and support for customers moving to the cloud fit well with these aims, especially around helping customers build new and more sophisticated applications.

“Net new use cases allow new and better access to tools that help democratize insights to enable better decision making,” says Naveen Punjabi, lead for data analytics partnerships at Google Cloud. “We want to work with partners who are ahead of these trends. Data Freedom is a key focus and by better understanding customer needs, we will create more packaged solutions.”


Helping retailers make smarter decisions

International retail brands like Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Heineken turn to Trax’s computer vision platform to understand how their products look, perform, and compete on the shelf in real-time. By up-leveling the platform’s embedded analytics solution with Sisense and Google BigQuery, both internal teams and Trax customers are seeing benefits in query performance and ease of use. With 70% of the data model now replicable across all customer accounts, Trax’s team saves considerable implementation time and their customers are empowered to build amazing data experiences on their own within a single platform.

Trax Gives Top Retail Brands an Edge

Once we moved to Sisense with BigQuery, this cost reduced dramatically. Now, we pay as we go, and scale as our customer base — and our data — expands.

Ilan Pinto, Director of Software Development, Trax

“With our previous solution, we were paying for a huge server — the costs for both the infrastructure and the application were enormous,” said Ilan Pinto, Director of Software Development at Trax. “Once we moved to Sisense with BigQuery, this cost reduced dramatically. Now, we pay as we go, and scale as our customer base — and our data — expands.”

Sisense and Google Cloud — driving innovation together

Whether a business is launching a new product using their data or is using data to get insights into their operations, Sisense and Google are working together to ensure that together, we provide our current and future joint customers with an integrated platform that exceeds their needs and helps them thrive and grow. We currently offer 12 connectors to various Google products like Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Sheets, plus of course to BigQuery as well.

In the coming months, Sisense and Google Cloud will continue seeking out opportunities to jointly invest in expanding our integrated product capabilities. Building on the existing, certified live Sisense connector for BigQuery, in the next few months Sisense plans to launch a Google Analytics connector specifically for Sisense for Cloud Data Teams and a connector to Google Cloud’s BI Engine.

The future is bright. Working in an ecosystem and industry where instead of competition, collaboration and innovation are the norm, is both exciting and invigorating. The future of our partnership and the potential of moving towards the cloud is vastly more important now than even a few months ago. As companies continue to seek flexibility, insights, and use data to inform key changes, it’s these sorts of advancements that will help disrupt industries and stay on the cusp of innovation.

Former Sisenser Guy Levy-Yurista, PhD was the Chief Strategy Officer at Sisense, and an executive leader and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Fortune 500, startup, and venture capital environments. Guy specializes in commercializing advanced technologies in dynamic market environments. He holds in-depth knowledge of analytics, social media, mobile, telecommunications, cyber-security, and optical technologies. As a thought leader and sought after speaker he is a contributing author to multiple media outlets and keynote speaker at a variety of industry and investor conferences.

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