At the Strata Big Data Conference in New York City starting today, we announced the release of our new, patent-pending In-Chip 2.0 technology with Crowd Accelerated BI and the response has been amazing!

What is Crowd Accelerated BI? Your big data keeps getting bigger and an increasing number of users want access. Agile BI is supposed to allow more users to ask a greater variety of questions but, in reality, variety causes traditional BI tools to choke. Crowd Accelerated BI is the only technology to gain speed with more users. You actually benefit from other people’s queries.

Gill Press from Forbes wrote a great article about the impact of Crowd Accelerated BI called ‘Scaling Users, Not Data: Sisense New Take on Machine Learning and Crowdsourcing’.

Press points out, “We’ve become accustomed to everything online slowing down with additional users, but Sisense today announced the general availability of patent-pending technology that makes its big data analytics engine respond faster as the number of its users grows.”

We created a cool Infographic that explains how more users can actually mean faster results.


See the full Infographic.

Our CEO Amit Bendov, describes it this way: “Instead of looking for identical queries like other caching systems we look for similar queries with 80% overlap in the instructions. Every query is broken down into a very large tree structure and we look if this tree has sub-trees that are identical or similar to other queries. It’s actually a learning system that stores all the answers to the most difficult question.”

Instead of slowing down as more users come up with slightly different queries, Sisense learns from the results of these similar queries and increases its efficiency and speed.

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