Announcing a new funding round is an important milestone for a startup. Many covered our news today, from the Wall Street Journal to TheNextWeb to CNN Money to TechCrunch,VentureBeat and GigaOM. You might also have noticed the coverage in CRN, SiliconValley Journal, The Marker or The Globe.

We are excited about the news, and the continued support from our customers, partners and investors. Our teams work hard and such market validation is a great confirmation for our approach and technology.

We’ve experienced tremendous growth over the past year (+520%) and are happy to count as customers leading brands and innovators like Target, Merck, The NASA, ESPN, Wix, Uber and many more.

If this is your first contact with Sisense – you can read about our approach here, try our award-winning product here and of course contact us anytime here. For more facts, please find our press release here. I’m also highlighting below some key articles. Enjoy and I hope we’ll get to talk and meet very soon!

GigaOM: Forget in-memory — Sisense raises $10M for in-chip analytics

Sisense has been growing like mad with its analytic database and BI software that’s designed to maximize the disk, memory and CPU on even small computers in the name of low latency

PandoDaily: After winning awards for data analytics wizardry, Sisense raises a $10 million Series B round

“If you’ve been wrestling with the size limitations of other tools, do yourself a favor and try Sisense,” Groupon Director of Analytics David Gerster says. “There’s nothing else on the market that crunches big data so easily and inexpensively.”

TechCrunch: Sisense Gives Everyday User A Data Scientist’s Tools

Sisense won the audience award at the Strata Conference earlier this year for its record-breaking claim that it can analyze 10 terabytes of data on a $10,000 Dell server in 10 seconds. The record is a reflection of the innovation in the database market and the need for deeper analytics capabilities for companies processing terabytes of data.

VentureBeat: Sisense gets $10M & reports 520% revenue spike

In the past year, the company says it’s experienced a 520 percent growth in subscription revenues. Customers include household name brands like Target and Merck, as well as hot startups with a mass of customer data, such as Wix and Uber.

As is quoted of the late Steve Jobs, “You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” Sisense, a recent Battery investment, is this in action: a huge amount of innovation went into the ability to mash together different schemas into a coherent data source, requiring almost no user intervention or, God forbid, IT involvement. Moreover, the ability to seamlessly churn through 10s of Terabytes of data in close to real-time looks easy and natural to the end user. But under the hood, there is a deep understanding of the architecture of modern operating systems and the hardware chains from disk to RAM to CPU.