sisense dashboard disasters 2012

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What has New York State experienced before?

The Dashboard allows anyone with a browser to look across all incidents reported since 1953, from hurricanes to earthquakes to droughts and fires.

We noted a that, while New York State is in the top 10 for all types of incidents, it trails behind Alabama, Louisiana or Virginia in hurricane occurrences. New York State teams seem to be more experienced in snow disasters as the state has gone through 19 since FEMA started reporting them.

Which state is best prepared for what? Florida is the state that has experienced the most hurricanes since 1953 while Texas has seen the most disasters all together. The state with the most experience in severe storms is Oklahoma – it has seen 35. Texas, Arkansas and Georgia lead the nation with tornadoes – 41 all together.

There is a lot more you can extract from this data – such as average incident length or top states by disasters and types. We hope that this data will provide more context around the current situation as our thoughts go to our friends on the East Cost this week.