In case you missed it, we’ve recently launched Sisense 6.4.1. This is a minor release mostly fixed on tweaks and bug fixes, but it also has some cool new features for enterprise and cross-national users, in addition to a brand new ODBC data connector to the Snowflake data warehouse.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features you’ll find in 6.4.1 and how they can help you drive more value from Sisense. For the full list, check out the release notes.

Snowflake ODBC Connector

BI connector for snowflake data warehouse

Snowflake is a high-performance cloud data warehouse for structured and semi-structured data. Answering popular demand from our users, Sisense 6.4.1 provides native connectivity to Snowflake data, which you can now pull into the Elasticube via the generic ODBC driver in a few clicks.

This new connectivity is another small step in our journey to simplify business analytics for complex data. Business users and analysts that use Snowflake can now easily leverage Sisense – self-sufficiently and without needing to go through IT – for ad-hoc analytics, data visualization and to combine Snowflake data with other databases and files, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Metadata Localization

Sisense metadata can now be translated

Expanding on the internationalization and localization options introduced in Sisense 6.4, the new release now enables you to translate metadata which is displayed on the Sisense front-end, including:

  • ElastiCube fields
  • ElastiCube tables
  • Saved formulas
  • Default and custom hierarchies
  • Customized renamed field titles

Presenting metadata in the end users’ native tongue(s) provides a richer, smoother experience for cross-national and OEM deployments, and will enable you to further scale your deployment of Sisense to a broader audience.

Security Hardening

Data Security

We work with a lot of large enterprise clients, as well as many organizations in the finance, healthcare and public sector verticals. Sisense can cater to these types organization as it gives them an end to end, on-premises BI solution which enables governed data discovery for business users, without jeopardizing the security of sensitive internal data or customer information.

In order to continue serving the needs of these and other customers, Version 6.4.1 introduces several hardened security features in terms of encryption and password protection – allowing you to rest easy with the knowledge that your data is still secure with Sisense.

Getting Started with Sisense 6.4.1

After reading the full release notes, you can…

  • Update your version here (for existing customers and trial users).
  • If you haven’t used Sisense before, download the free trial.
  • Trial license expired? Contact us for an extension.
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