It is well known that one of the toughest parts of running a marathon is the mental toll that the seemingly never-ending race takes on runners. Okay, so we can’t compete with the physical fatigue that a marathon entails, but sometimes deploying a business analytics software and even running a query can feel psychologically similar to envisioning that faraway finish line.

You’ve probably been there before: waiting for query results to come back, gotten up, walked around the office, made some coffee, even chatted at the cooler, and still come back to see that there’s 10 more minutes till you’ll get results. Or you may have experienced the dreaded IT analytics visit. Wanting to look something up and having to come up with too-specific parameters or relying on repeated visits to actually find what you’re looking for.

Can you imagine if the Internet worked this way? Every time you wanted to Google something, you’d have to wait even two minutes for results. I can assure you it wouldn’t have caught on.

Business analytics software should be held to the same standards. When you’re spending hours, or even minutes, trying to dig into data, you usually end up abandoning some of the searches you intended to do. When half the time is spent preparing data rather than analyzing it, you’re never getting down to the interesting and the important details. At the end of the day, that’s not real data discovery, and everyone could do a lot better.

We believe that business intelligence can and should be a sprint instead of a marathon. That’s why we are introducing Sprint BI: the fast track to professional business analytics. Sisense a full end-to-end solution that you’ll have up and running in days. Quickly introduce interactive reporting, analytics, and dashboards to get empowered with powerful data insights. And we promise that every query you can come up with will give you near-immediate results. Check it out now!

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