Prism created quite a stir a few months when we showed that we could analyze 10 Terabytes of data in less than 10 seconds on a single node…for less than $10k. The concept attracted the attention of many who, at first, didn’t believe such a performance was possible but who, after they witnessed it, felt compelled to grant Sisense the Strata Big Data Conference’s “People’s Choice Award”.

Achieving such a feat was straightforward for Sisense as we leaned on the power of our CPU-based architecture – aptly dubbed “In-Chip Analytics” – to do the job. “In-Chip Analytics” is a new analytics approach, which combines CPU techniques that transcend size, speed and cost-of-memory limitations of second-generation databases. You can find out more about it here.

Go ahead. Do this at home!

Today we are announcing that we can further innovate on our own record. The 10X10X10 challenge assumed that customers would be ready to invest in buying hardware and maintain it on-premises. If you do want to “do this at home” by the way, please do! Here are the exact machine requirements so you could replicate the performance.

The 1 x 1 x 1 Challenge

Yet, as we talked to more and more customers, we heard that some of you might not want to spend capital expenses to purchase a machine and maintain it on premises. Further, many of you asked us to look into the cost of “In-Chip Analytics” computing as a utility.

As you know, Sisense has offered a cloud option to its customers from Day 1: Prism today runs on the Amazon and Microsoft Cloud and many of our customers love the flexibility the Cloud provides. Sisense’s pricing model is also optimized to work on-premises and in the cloud on the same terms.

Today’s 1X1X1 Challenge is based on Cloud economics. If you don’t want to buy hardware and pay for “In-Chip” Analytics as a utility while benefiting from enterprise-grade service level in the cloud, this challenge is for you.

In-Chip on Tap!

By teaming up with Rackspace to offer “In-Chip Analytics” in the Cloud, we are able to lower the friction involved in deploying Big Data Analytics and our solution offers one of the industry’s best services. Now, companies of all sizes can take advantage of Sisense “In-Chip Analytics” power on one of the industry’s most renowned cloud service providers, Rackspace, a company known for its enterprise-grade service level agreements, amazing recovery speed and fanatical customer support.

There are many benefits to this offer:

  1. Companies of all sizes can pay Sisense and Rackspace on a subscription basis and have access to resources only previously available to the largest companies.
  2. Customers get access to a cloud environment that can scale with their growing data needs and that is solely dedicated to their deployment (no multi-tenancy sites).
  3. A predictable operating expense that could come down to as low as 1 dollar per Terabyte of Data per hour.

Want to find out more?

Join us this week at the GigaOM conference in San Francisco (booth #43): Sisense and Rackspace people will be demonstrating the solution and will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Machine Details: Dual Processor Hex Core Intel 2.50 GHz, 256GB Memory

Service Details: Dedicated Support Team, 24/7/365 Live Person Tech Support, 100% Network Uptime, N+2 Redundant Data Center, 1 Hour Hardware Replacement, Unmetered Managed Backups, No Overages. Unlimited, Unmetered Inbound Bandwith, 2TB Outbound Bandwidth.

Service Conditions: 36 months.