A few of the findings of Sisense’s 2012 Data Hero Salary Survey were unsurprising. But page 11 of the survey findings showed me a picture of the industry that was different from what I would have expected. According to our (probably not perfect) survey, compensation for women is slightly higher than for men in data science and related fields.

To put that in perspective, Census Bureau estimates put the real wage gender gap somewhere at the 5-7% range, meaning that even after controlling for education level, time spent on maternity leave, occupation*, and other factors, women tend to earn about 5% less than men (and the gap trends wider, not narrower, as workers age.)

Our survey group was comprised of about 15% women and 85% men, which suggests that that yes, compared to the population as a whole, men are overrepresented among our survey pool. Which is a real shame, because it appears that women in data science and other tech fields have the opportunity to close the wage gap in a hurry. And even if by some data bias the true income figures for the industry aren’t quite as rosy, I love the idea of more women getting into tech–it’s an awesome industry to be in.

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