I used to joke that the data world was composed of 30 people that rotate from one data company to the next. This is not true anymore. Since I’ve moved back to the Silicon Valley, I’ve run into more and newer people who are passionate about this space. This is encouraging, yet, it’s not enough. We need to do more to grow the world of Big Data and make it an inevitable topic of conversation for business and I.T. leaders!

Next week, my team and I will be at the Strata+Hadoop Conference in NYC talking about just that. If you can, catch us on the floor (booth #22) or at one of our presentations at the Dataweek’s Ignite. We are preparing a set of surprising news for you – which I’m sure you’ll like!

If you’d like to know more before the event or our news, simply ping me at [email protected] – if you are coming to the event – see you there!

Analytically Yours,