This edition of “This Month in Embedded Analytics” is big on health and wellness. We start with a healthcare double-header — two stories about using data to improve medical care outcomes. Then we cover pharma’s efforts at boosting patient results with data and apps. Finally, dig into G2 Crowd’s newest fall research and see where the top data and analytics companies stack up.

Whatever you’re doing with data and analytics, staying abreast of the latest developments can help you stay competitive in a rapidly-evolving marketplace. Let’s jump in!

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AI-powered analytics modernize healthcare and save lives

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be a huge data story. People who never so much as glanced at a chart or spreadsheet before were suddenly spending hours poring over the latest COVID numbers in their areas, their countries, and the world. While the virus continues to claim lives every day, savvy analysis was key to limiting deaths in the pre-vaccine phases of the pandemic and then to help roll out vaccines to those who need them most. Analysis of which groups at a workplace are in contact with each other was also instrumental in helping limit the spread between teams

Healthcare practices of all kinds are collecting more data every day. Analyzing this data and presenting findings to frontline workers will save lives and improve care. Our first article from GCN highlights the importance of using AI on incredibly huge datasets to highlight actionable intelligence that can help bring about these outcomes. 

It also shines a light on how different technologies will allow organizations and individuals to share findings more quickly and increase the positive effect their discoveries can lead to. REST-based APIs and the new FHIR data standard could help improve the shareability of data between organizations. Whatever system your healthcare group is working with, pulling in data from all your sources and putting the right actionable intelligence in front of the right practitioner at the right place and time is critical as the medical world continues to change.

Every company will deal with evolution in its industry in its own way. At forward-thinking companies, data and innovation will be inextricably linked. In-depth analysis of past performance can help improve products and services, driving innovation. 

Intermountain Healthcare’s AVP of Analytics Services, Greg Nelson, says that data will also be an invaluable tool to improving care and saving lives, specifically by finding and filling gaps in care. Nelson’s comments point out that healthcare analytics are in their infancy and that different organizations can all talk about the same data in very different ways, which makes improving products and care challenging. 

All the data in the world is worthless unless applied to solving human problems. And a key way current healthcare software providers can improve care and empower medical providers is to embed analytics directly into their products, driving product evolution and helping deliver better care. Dig into the full article to hear more from Greg about how they’re working to solve larger systems problems in healthcare

Pharma companies embrace embedded analytics

All aspects of healthcare can benefit from leveling up their analytics games, not just what we think of as the “core” healthcare sectors (hospitals, doctors’ offices, specialists, etc.), but pharmaceuticals as well. Too often, healthcare providers hand out a prescription without accounting for proper follow-up support, both in taking the medicine prescribed and in continued communication with the patient. 

This is a place where apps, technology, and analytics can help improve outcomes in pharma. “Customer dialog depends on data,” an article in PharmaExec declares. The hurdles preventing these companies from improving care will sound familiar to anyone who’s ever tried to innovate at a company in a “legacy” industry or one with rigorous data security regulations or requirements (healthcare, finance, etc.). Too often, datasets (or access to them) are siloed, data may come from numerous sources (making it hard to analyze), or key product leaders may not understand the value of embedding analytics into customer-facing applications.

Data is a key to personalizing experiences, both for in-house users interacting with actionable intelligence in their workflows and for customers who need personalized support to get more out of their medical treatment. This, combined with the hurdles above, is part of a compelling case for while pharma companies can take their applications further by buying a third-party analytics platform and embedding it in their offering (instead of building from scratch). 

Sisense named a Leader in the Fall 2021 G2 Crowd report

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, but it’s even more fun to let someone else do it for you. That’s where G2 Crowd’s regular research publications come in handy! Built on actual user reviews, painstakingly collected, and regularly updated, they’re one of many great ways to get a feel for how people already using software that you’re interested in are experiencing it. 

The recent Fall 2021 report just came out, and Sisense has once again been named a “Leader,” with high overall satisfaction and Net Promoter scores from our happy clients. Quality of Support, Ease of Use, and Ease of Doing Business With were just a few of the places that Sisense shined, both as a product and as a company. 

When buying analytics to infuse into your teams’ workflows or embed into your customer-facing product, these are just some of the key elements you need to consider. Embedding analytics evolves your product or service by years in just a few weeks, allowing you to quickly develop and ship a V1 and start iterating — delighting users, reducing churn, and opening up new revenue opportunities. Check out the full G2 Crowd report here and see what real users think of Sisense. Then start imagining how embedded analytics could evolve your product and your company! 

>>> Infusing analytics into products, software, and workflows is easier than you think!

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Jack Cieslak, Sisense Blog Editor, is a 10-year veteran of the tech world. He’s written for Amazon, CB Insights, and others, on topics ranging from ecommerce and VC investments to wacky product launches and top-secret startup projects.