Business intelligence has evolved rapidly in recent years. At the turn of the century, the model was still that of traditional legacy BI – i.e., working on large datasets, taking a lot of money and time to deploy, and requiring significant hardware. About a decade ago we saw the introduction of in-memory technology, which sped up analytical processes significantly by moving the data from disk into memory, and made BI somewhat more usable to businesses at large.

What’s the next big step for business intelligence technology? Sisense CEO Amir Orad spoke at FirstMark’s Data Driven NYC, and laid out the basics of the innovation that’s driving a new era of business analytics – In-Chip Technology, which pushes data one step further, from RAM into the computer’s chip set, further accelerating business intelligence.

Watch the video to learn how it was done, and why all of this even matters from a business perspective:

To learn more about traditional BI, OLAP, In-Memory and In-Chip technology, check out the white paper: Innovations in Business Intelligence Database Technology.