Recently I had the honor of attending the (Total Cost Of Ownership) TCOO awards ceremony held by Celestica – a global leader in the product lifecycle solutions market, as well as a prized Sisense customer. Each year, Celestica’s TCOO award committee considers over 4,000 suppliers who it deems to provide the best value to Celestica and support its overall business objectives.

The splendid gala event took place at the bowl room of the One King West hotel – one of the most impressive historic buildings of downtown Toronto – and was made all the more exciting when we heard that Sisense had won the TCOO award and was named best IT partner for the year of 2015, after receiving the honoree title last year, despite stiff competition from heavyweight IT providers, including finalist IBM. The prize was presented by Rodney Bergman, SVP Global Business Services at Celestica, who shared with me his dear memories from his days volunteering at an Israeli Kibbutz.

Celestica TCOO award for best IT partner of 2015

It was a thrilling day and I was more than happy to receive this type of acknowledgment from the amazing team at Celestica – and in particular Celestica’s CIO Arpad Hevizi and the BI team leaders Osgood Vogler and James Davison, whom I would like to use this space to personally thank. And it further raised thoughts regarding Sisense and its place in the current IT, business and technology landscape as well as future plans in the emerging IoT field.

Celestica helps leading manufacturers around the world manage complexity in a dynamic world. Sisense is also focused on tackling the complexity of the digital age – and specifically, alleviating the pains associated with the complexity of business data, which grows larger and more diverse at an overwhelming rate.

Indeed, as traditional processes become ever more measurable and analyzable, many businesses find themselves facing new layers of complication when attempting to apply modern data-driven methodologies to their business operations. It is this complexity that gives rise to a new need: simplification; the application of technological and human expertise to remove common roadblocks and empower non-IT organizations to leverage the potential of data and modern digital tools.

This is exactly where Sisense’s In-Chip™ data engine fits in: by making data preparation, analysis and visualization easy and accessible for any business and any user, even when working with highly complex datasets. In effect, we aim to give executives and business analysts the power to do things which were traditionally associated solely with IT – and it is my belief that we do so successfully.

So it makes perfect sense that Celestica, which specializes in advanced design, engineering and manufacturing for highly sophisticated products, found a valuable partner in Sisense. Furthermore, the award highlights our ongoing dedication to Customer Success, and to ensuring every customer sees quick wins with our product, and receives all the help they need every step of the way.

I would once again like to thank the team at Celestica, both for bestowing this honor upon us, and for a very enjoyable event, and express my hopes that we will continue our strong partnership for many years to come.

Sisense head of product Guy Levy-Yurista receiving the TCOO award on behalf of Sisense

The undersigned (second from left) with the Celestica team