DevOps Engineer CS

New York, New York

Why you should join our Solutions Team?

As one of the world’s leading big data teams, we are an award-winning business intelligence company with some very well-known clients. Sisense is a fast-growing software company that is democratizing Big Data Analytics by pioneering a new approach that enables organizations of all sizes to make sense of their data.

This is an opportunity to apply your technical skills to an emerging technology used by organizations looking to expand upon their BI capabilities.  As a DevOps Engineer, you will work through complex data environments with customers of all sizes and industries, to deliver exceptional support and value for our cutting-edge technology. 

How you'll ramp up?

By Day 30...

  • You will have a much deeper understanding of the Sisense technology, how Sisense customers can utilize it and how to use it
  • You will better understand the Sisense Architecture
  • You will start interacting with Sisense customers and getting to know their challenges
  • You will start acquiring hands on experience handling customer issues
  • You will also start shadowing calls with the Level 4 Support Engineer

By 60...

  • You will continue to shadow Level 4 Support Engineer
  • Become familiar with stakeholders in Product and R&D
  • Gain deep knowledge of the different product areas
  • Implement Sisense in a Kubernetes cluster
  • Investigate and resolve technical issues in the Sisense Linux environment
  • Gain deeper understanding of various data connectors and external data sources that link to Sisense
  • Work closely with R&D and Product teams to investigate and provide solutions for customer issues

By 90…

  • Develop, design and propose solutions to meet technological and business needs for customers
  • Lead high focus technical investigations
  • Develop the Sisense application on top of Kubernetes supporting a wide variety of distribution both on-prem and cloud
  • Help automate the deployment, CI / CD of all of our services in a consistent and reliable way and support R&D
  • Provide guidance to customers for deploying Sisense in a hosted environment (Azure, AWS)

What you’ve accomplished so far?

  • You have developed ops and dev processes utilizing tools such as Jenkin, Gitlab, Python, Bash, Groovy
  • You have lead troubleshooting & debugging product issues to the point of root cause
  • You have worked closely with Dev and R&D teams to provide solutions to product issues
  • You have used the Kubernetes stack to successfully deploy Linux applications in distributed environments (Docker, Helm, Ansible, etc..)
  • You have consulted with customers from various industries, providing guidance on architecture and best practices of application deployment


I'm In!