New York City or San Francisco


Sisense’s mission is to ensure every candidate who walks through our doors (and zoom windows) leaves loving our company, our product and our people as much as we do. As a Sourcer on our Talent Team, you will drive immediate growth in our business by identifying passive talent and entice them to consider their next career opportunity with us. You will own top of funnel candidates by partnering with our recruiters to build out various teams, drive a premier candidate experience, create process improvements and add value to the talent function overall by participating in culture initiatives. 

As our Sourcer you will support the business by identifying candidates and candidate pools, building networks and proactively promoting our employer brand in the marketplace. Above all, you will be responsible for attracting and hiring Sisense’s most valued asset – its people!


Sisense’s Talent Team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s top companies. In the past 6 months the team has hired about 160 Siseners. Our Talent Team will be responsible for growing the headcount by another 100 people so we need a sourcer who is passionate about finding talent and making an impact! 

You’ll be surrounded by a team that loves what they do and recognize the enormous responsibility that they have - with every hire we bring into the company, we are changing the lives of our employees and helping Sisense grow. The People Team has helped scale Sisense from ambitious start-up to the fastest growing Pre-IPO Business Intelligence company in the world. Our mission is to help Sisenser’s do their best work.


Within your first week...

  • You’ll meet each member of our Talent Team and understand the business problems they’re solving, why they joined our company and what keeps them here.
  • You’ll also shadow interviews to calibrate on the hiring bar.

By Day 30...

  • You’ve developed a complete understanding of our business model, recruiting process and how to pitch Sisense to candidates.
  • You’ll know what makes the next great Sisense employee! You’re sourcing passive candidates on LinkedIn Recruiter and other channels.
  • You’ve helped make your first placement!

Day 60...

  • You mastered our internal process and learned how to source strategic and high volume roles. 
  • You’ll familiarize yourself with Greenhouse reporting. Data drives us and we use it to identify our areas of improvement.
  • You’ll report your pipeline analysis to senior leadership as necessary.

Day 90...

  • You’ve built a consistent and healthy pipeline of sales candidates and you’re at pace with our hiring plan.
  • You’ll begin launching improvements for our current/evolving recruiting processes and employment branding. Your observation of our processes should initiate scalable change to our recruitment strategy.


  • You are guided by a set of core values that help you make smart decisions and influence our culture in a positive light.
  • You’ve sourced passive candidates that have eventually been hired and demonstrated stellar performance.
  • The bulk of your placements have come from passive recruitment strategies.
  • You’ve built a network of passive talent and you’ve maintained strong relationships with them.
  • You have countless examples of making things better and you’ve measured them.
  • You must have organization in your life, otherwise you can’t sleep.
  • You’ve made mistakes in your previous roles, and won’t repeat them here.

I'm In!