Support Optimization Engineer

Tel Aviv

At Sisense, we are on a mission to empower modern data teams to deliver insights to everyone inside and outside their organizations. We bring “power to the builders” by enabling our customers to answer complex questions with data and drive the best business outcomes possible. 


We are looking for a Support Optimization Engineer to improve knowledge, processes, and tools for the support group. You will have the opportunity to initiate a new role at Sisense, you will evaluate the knowledge gaps and training needs based on feedback from the team.

You will create an environment for the support team in which they can do their best work and not be distracted or delayed by problems with tooling, processes, or logistics, by driving productivity and efficiency, delivering better service to our customers.


By Day 30…

  • You will have a deeper understanding of the Sisense product, and the Customer Support group needs
  • You will start interacting with Sisense internal cross-functional teams and get to know their challenges
  • You will have a better understanding of support processes and technical challenges, tools, and technology
  • You will learn the Technical Support methodologies and various tools used today

By 60…

  • You’ll work with the technical teams to obtain, organize, and develop improvement plans for the support department. 
  • You'll be able to review customer service request and identify knowledge and processes gaps
  • You will be familiar with the different types of technical challenges, engagements, and the different project types related to the Sisense support group

By 90…

  • You will design and conduct training and development programs to improve performance per support functions 
  • You will work closely with the product and R&D team to learn to improve troubleshooting tools and knowledge 
  • You will be able to monitor the onboarding processes for new support team members and recommend on training needs accordingly 
  • You will evaluate the effectiveness of the training program
  • You will assist the team with feedback providence on improving internal processes and ramp up procedures 
  • You will lead and create content to support our knowledge base 
  • You will be able to recommend automatic actions required to save experts time 


  • You are familiar with best practices of support organization at all levels; tools, processes, and internal interfaces 
  • Experience delivering frontline customer service in SAAS company
  • You have experience with Linux and SaaS environment 
  • You can manage projects including timelines, cost analysis, development of new content using audio and video recording
  • You are familiar with computer-based training software and techniques
  • You are able to obtain information, create and present training
  • You’ve accomplished a Bachelor's degree in a related area
  • You are proficient in English, both written and verbal
  • You thrive a fast-paced environment and have a natural curiosity 


We're a passionate, venture-funded team with more than 2000 customers, including Nasdaq,  GE Healthcare, Honda, Verizon, and Philips working out of our office in Midtown.

We believe strongly in a data-driven approach to all that we do. We're constantly measuring and optimizing everything about the business.

We have close relationships with our customers.

We’ve been recognized by Comparably, Glassdoor, and Gartner for our amazing company culture.

We have super high customer retention — better than best in class SaaS companies


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